If you own an HTC Hero and live in Scandinavia, you'll be very pleased to know that HTC has officially released the ROM update that's been written about for some time now.

And the speed improvements this upgrade brings to the UI are unbelievable!

My choice of HTC Hero was originally an informed compromise. I knew that it would be slow(er than the IPhone), but I decided this was outweighed by it's ability to fully integrate with both Google and Exchange, as well as it's Facebook integration with contacts.

The new upgrade takes the UI speed to the same level as IPhone GS. Even with many widgets active the UI remains fully responsive, which certainly wasn't the case with the original HTC Hero firmware.

Head over to the HTC Europe Support, but download the image from HTC USA, as download speeds from HTC Europe and HTC Asia are painfully slow.

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16 September 2009