Yet another entrant into the OpenID identity provider space.

Ping Identity, a well known pure play vendor of identity management solutions has launched an OpenID identity provider service on and in the best of web 2.0 traditions, the service is in beta, joining the crowd of similar initiatives.

The firstmovers had the benefit being just that, but by now it seems that simply launching a new Personal Identity Provider (PIP) service has become old news, and each new service provider doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. Looking at the new service from Ping Identity, it’s functionality is remarkably similar to that of any of the others, which begs the question of what their raison d’être is.

By now, a PIP needs to add some other level of value, to be the preferred choice by the Internet user, just like ClaimID is doing.

However, all that being said, does have a very nice user interface, and it is interesting simply because it’s a child of one of the very innovative players in the identity space. To my knowledge, this also makes Ping Identity one of the first enterprise solution providers, to take (active) notice of the user centric identity space.

Strangely, doesn’t accept citiy names that are spelled with non English characters (I haven’t tested this on other fields).

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27 June 2007