Flickr satisfies my requirements for casual publishing of my images online. It isn’t a good choice for monetizing on your images, but for posting images for friends and family to see, presenting your great works for all to see, or collaborating on e.g. images of Norwegian churches - for all this, I think it’s great.

Having chosen Flickr as the venue of publication (instead of e.g. Google Picasaweb, Panoramio, or Zooomr) the pressing question quickly becomes how to efficiently get images from your local computer uploaded to Flickr. This typically works as follows:

  1. Upload a couple of pictures using the web page, and when that gets tiresome
  2. Get the dedicated uploader from Flickr, and use that until you realize this really does not work with your existing workflow, at which point you
  3. Get a plugin that fits into your existing workflow

Now is a good time to add that Flickr is in the business of making money and IMHO all the necessary features for serious work are only available in the $24.95/year Flickr PRO upgrade. Namely:

  • Acceptable control over the images you publish
  • Adequate storage/bandwidth to be of any use
  • Ability to upload images in decent resolutions

When I’d been through (1) and (2) I started searching for a decent plugin that would integrate with my workflow which is currently based on Aperture.

I accidently stumbled upon FlickrExport! from Connected Flow (works with iPhoto and Aperture), and basically never looked any further.

It will do everything (naming, tagging, assigning to sets, etc.) expected of an exporter, and much more including:

  • Geotagging images using Google Earth at the time images are uploaded
  • Replacing existing versions of an image with a new version (only PRO accounts)
  • Store the Flickr ID in a custom meta data tag on the original image

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31 May 2007